Two Killed After Train Collides With Truck

The driver and passenger of a truck were killed in a collision with an Amtrak train. Witnesses say the truck pulled onto the track, seemingly unaware of the oncoming train.

“The train impacted the truck approximately 50 miles per hour after the engineer applied the emergency system to bring it to a stop,” says Sgt. Carl Churchfield of CHP. “The collision resulted in a double fatality.”

Both people in the pick-up died at the scene. Nobody on the train was hurt. They also didn’t want to talk about the crash.

“The engineer and the passengers stated that they felt a slight impact and other than that,” says Churchfield. “They didn’t realize there was a collision until the train had come to a stop.”

This railroad crossing does not have any warning about an oncoming train, just a stop sign. A witness, who didn’t want to be identified said, the conductor blew the train’s horn, but the driver didn’t listen.

Our sympathies are with the families of the victims.

[Image: pbo31 via Flickr