Widespread Abuse of Elders in Florida Assisted Living Homes

A year long investigation by The Miami Herald has resulted in allegations of neglect and violence at multiple assisted living homes, lack of enforcement of regulations, and no penalties for violations.

A Miami Herald investigation found grotesque neglect and outright abuse and awful deaths suffered by elderly and mentally disturbed residents consigned to assisted living facilities.

The Herald’s Carol Marbin Miller, Mike Sallah and Rob Barry chronicled a pervasive use of illegal restraints. Some as crude as tying residents to their beds with ropes or shoving them into closets. Some using powerful tranquilizers, as if ALFs had a business plan for warehousing zombies.

They reported ALFs that subjected their residents to filthy conditions. They found awful instances of physical neglect. Of residents denied crucial medications and critical medical care. They found wounds left untreated.

The Herald reporters found ALFs where residents had been beaten and terrorized and raped by other inmates. They found cruelty by ALF staffers. They found negligence – often utter obliviousness – that resulted in deaths. And they found deaths from negligence or cruelty reported as natural causes.

But the most disturbing findings, the stuff that made a reader’s teeth clinch, was that so much of the negligence and abuse and shoddy treatment and outright cruelty and cover-ups went unpunished. [Source, The Miami Herald]

The reports are full of incredible stories of neglect, including sores and infection left untreated resulting in deaths and cases of women being tied up which caused the resident’s death by a blood clot. Each case is horrifying and made even more so because of the lack of penalties and arrests.

You can read more about the investigation on NPR and The Miami Herald.