Woman Questioned in Black Friday Walmart Pepper Spray Attack

A Walmart shopper accused of spraying fellow shoppers with pepper spray during a Black Friday melee has turned herself in to the police. The incident occurred late Thursday night as shoppers fought over games and other merchandise being offered at bargain prices.

In what officials called a “shopping rage,” the unidentified woman, trying to snag more discounted merchandise, attacked 20 customers, including children, minutes after the store opened at 10 p.m.

Her “competitive-shopping” strategy, used in several parts of the store, left victims with minor skin and eye irritation and sore throats, according to a Los Angeles Fire Department official. LA Times, 28 Nov 2011

While the woman did turn herself in, she has, so far, refused to answer questions. Officials are not sure if they can prove or charge her with any crimes.

This isn’t the first incident at a Wal-Mart during Black Friday shopping. 2009 was a particularly bloody year for Wal-Mart Black Friday shoppers. Customers in Upland begin fighting and destroying merchandise which resulted in police closing the store, a man was trampled to death in New York when the store doors were opened.